Glow Effects in Your Pool

Bring the stars of the nighttime sky to your pool with NUVO-Glo™ UV Lighting Effects and Element Glo Aggregates and Mosaics.

An Effect Comparable to Fiber Optics

We have created a series of videos to help you learn more about the lighting system homeowners are experiencing across the nation.

The combination of Element Glo aggregates and mosaics, illuminated by our exclusive NUVO-Glo™ UV lights, creates a spectacular glowing effect never before seen in pools and spas.

It Starts with the Lighting System

The NUVO-Glo™ UV Lighting System is a state-of-the-art special effects UV Lighting System for your pool that turns your pool’s surface into a spectacular starry night! The system’s power comes from the builder-installed NUVO-Glo™ Nicheless UV Lights, which illuminate our revolutionary Element Glo Glow-in-the-Dark or Fluorescent Aggregates and Exclusive Mosaics.

Turn off your standard lights at night, turn on your NUVO-Glo™ UV Lighting, and start swimming with the stars. The combination of NUVO Glo™ and Element Glo products creates an effect never seen before in swimming pools. Why settle for a regular pool when you can have a “WOW!” pool? Call your builder, request NUVO-Glo™, and get involved with creating your backyard masterpiece today.

+ Your Choice of Special Effects

Choose Element Glo Glow-in-the-dark aggregates and mosaics to create your starry night and customized glow effects.

Glow Aggregates

Glow Mosaics

Vibrant, strong, and consistent. When embedded in the surface of your pool Element Glo products can withstand extreme weight and will glow vibrantly every night for up to 20 years!

Downloadable Information

Before your pool contractor installs the system in your pool, learn more by downloading our literature.

Get Element Glo Products in Your Pool

By learning more about Element Glo Special Effects for pools, you have taken the first step toward installing the system in your pool. The next step is to give us a call to discuss your pool.
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  • Consult with us. (888) 883-1308

  • Send us your pool plans or pictures of your pool.

  • Connect Us with your Pool Company.

  • Receive a Quote from Your Pool Company.

  • Make Your Decision.

  • Enjoy Swimming with the Stars when your pool is complete.

Blog Articles

Let's get to the nuts and bolts. Installing NUVO-Glo™ in your pool is a process that requires planning. The following articles will help you understand the system more before you make your decision.

Five Things You Should Consider Before Installing NUVO-Glo in Your Pool

Now that you’ve seen the pictures and realized the possibility of having a starry night surface installed in your pool, or a pod of dolphins coming to life on the walls underwater, what are the next steps? First Thing’s First Let’s see if the conditions are right for the NUVO. Unfortunately, not everyone can install […]

How to Properly Plan for Installation of NUVO-Glo UV Lighting in Your Pool

Planning for a NUVO-Glo installation is EVERYTHING, but since the system is so new, homeowners rarely come across NUVO-Glo before their pools are starting to be built. So, by the time most homeowners contact us, we’re running against time. Let’s step back a little and look at a few things to keep in mind about […]

Jacuzzi with Element Glo Aggregates

10 Important Answers to Questions Homeowners Ask About NUVO-Glo UV Lighting

NUVO-Glo UV Lighting is a system of lights installed in your pool by a licensed pool company. Therefore, installing the system involves education, planning, and coordination with your pool company. Unfortunately, the process is not as easy as deciding to install it, and everything falls into place. Please review this article. I’d like to include […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers are asking, and we're answering. The following questions are some of the most asked inquiries we receive.
Can your products be installed in a pool full of water?

Unfortunately, no. Aggregates, mosaics, and lighting must be installed or embedded in your surface when building a new pool or resurfacing an existing pool.

Can I order your products and install them in my pool myself?

No. A pool contractor must install all Element Glo products. However, you can install glow aggregates and glow mosaics in various concrete projects around the house, such as garden pavers, countertops, and more.

Can NUVO-Glo Lighting only be installed in new pools?

NUVO-Glo lighting can be installed in new pools or pools that are being resurfaced, and the deck is being replaced as well. If your pool is just getting a new surface and you aren’t pulling up the deck, you can have NUVO-Glo installed, but it’s likely not ideal. Your pool company will not agree to install the lighting without adding extra costs to break through your deck to install the lighting conduit and patch your deck afterward.

Unfortunately, I cannot install NUVO-Glo lighting in my pool. Are there alternatives to NUVO-Glo on the market?

Yes. You can install glow aggregates without having NUVO-Glo. However, you may have to do some creative lighting around the pool. You can also use the white light from your traditional lighting to charge the aggregates, but it’s best to give us a call to discuss alternative lighting before you do.

I want a unique mosaic for my pool. Do you guys create custom mosaics?

We sure do. Give us a call and let us know what you would like us to create, and we’ll get to work on it.

What steps should I take to have your products installed?

The first thing to do is give us a call to discuss your pool. We will go over the entire process, which will include your pool company. Be sure to work ahead of time, especially when installing NUVO-Glo lighting.

The demand for NUVO-Glo nicheless lights is REAL and can take a month or more to get to your pool company. Deciding to install NUVO-Glo lighting within one month can delay your pool company and ultimately cost more.

Can your aggregates and/or mosaics be installed in my pool without NUVO-Glo Lighting, and will they glow?

Yes, but before you do, please call us so we can discuss how you can get the most out of glow aggregates without NUVO-Glo.

How much do the lights cost with glow aggregates?

The cost depends on the design of your pool, the number of lights needed to light your pool as close to 100% as possible. Also, what your pool company will charge to install the system.

Ultimately, your pool company will have the final say on how much the system will cost to install.

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