NUVO-Glo UV Lighting is a system of lights installed in your pool by a licensed pool company. Therefore, installing the system involves education, planning, and coordination with your pool company. Unfortunately, the process is not as easy as deciding to install it, and everything falls into place. Please review this article.

I’d like to include some common questions homeowners ask here that will help you determine if installing the system is right for you. Please take a moment to scan these questions, as the chances are excellent that you will benefit from the answers.

Common Homeowner Questions and Answers About NUVO-Glo UV Lighting

Question 1 (Q): Can I order and install the system after my pool is full of water? 

Answer (A): No. Like traditional lighting, NUVO-Glo lighting requires conduits to be placed in the ground under your deck. Also, aggregates and mosaics must be embedded into the surface of your pool when your surface is applied. Element Glo Glow Aggregates and mosaics cannot be thrown into a pool full of water to achieve a glow effect.


Q2: Is the system easy for my pool company to install?

A: The simple answer is “yes.” The method for installing the lights is almost exactly like any other lighting installed in your pool, with which your pool company is very familiar. Also, installing mosaics is virtually the same method your pool company uses to install tiles and installing aggregates is similar to applying abalone shell fragments to your pool. In short, even though your pool company is likely to be newly introduced to the NUVO-Glo System, the system’s installation is nothing new to them. NOTE: We send them instructions to your pool company to install NUVO-Glo lighting, and Element Glo glow aggregates and mosaics.


Q3: What is the cost of the system?

A: The cost of the system is determined by your pool company and based on four main things: 1. The cost of the lights, aggregates, and mosaics, 2. The cost of materials needed to install the system (conduit, transformer, fittings, etc.), 3. The labor cost to install the system and other material installation, and most importantly, 4. How far along your pool company is in building your pool. Installation of the system becomes very difficult or impossible if they are too far along.


Q4: Can the system be installed in an existing pool that is only being resurfaced?

A: Yes, but only if you are also installing a new deck. If you aren’t installing a new deck, your pool company would have to pull up your existing deck to install the conduit for the lights in the ground. We’re not saying they will say “no” to installing the system if they have to go under your deck, but it is a lot of work that will substantially increase the cost of the system.


Q5: Can glow-in-the-dark aggregates and mosaics be installed in my pool without NUVO-Glo UV Lighting?

A: Absolutely. However, optimizing the glow of your aggregates and mosaics without the lighting needs to be considered. We will cover this option when we have our initial consultation with you, as it could be a more affordable alternative for you.


Q6: How do I choose between glow-in-the-dark and fluorescent aggregates for my pool?

A: Very simply, glow-in-the-dark or phosphorescent aggregates glow in the dark. Fluorescent aggregates only reflect UV Light and do not store energy like phosphorescent aggregates. Therefore, fluorescent aggregates only work when NUVO-Glo lighting is installed, while any light source can charge phosphorescent aggregates.

If NUVO-Glo lighting is installed, many homeowners choose to install half phosphorescent and half fluorescent. The reason for installing both is because when the NUVO-Glo lights are on, both the fluorescent and phosphorescent aggregates activate. Only the phosphorescent aggregates will glow when the NUVO-Glo lights are turned off. Going half and half doubles the stars in your pool when the lights are on.


Q7: As a homeowner, can I buy NUVO-Glo lighting directly from you and give it to my pool company to install?

A: No. NUVO-Glo lighting can only be purchased and installed by your pool builder. They are responsible for installing the system according to our instructions. They will also service your warranty on the lights, should any of your lights experience service issues.


Q8: Can the NUVO-Glo lighting be the only lights in my pool?

A: It is not recommended and is seriously discouraged. NUVO-Glo lighting emits beams at a frequency that is difficult for our eyes to see clearly. The sole purpose of the lights is to light up fluorescent and phosphorescent materials in your pool, which includes glow aggregates, glow mosaics, swimsuits, and other pool accessories. In addition, NUVO-Glo lighting emits a low-frequency blueish hue that does not constitute clear and safe visibility.


Q9: Since NUVO-Glo Lighting is UV, is it harmful to the eyes when looked at?

A: No, NUVO-Glo is not harmful to your eyes. However, you should not look at NUVO-Glo lighting up close as with all lights. The lights have a protective frosted lens to protect your eyes when looked at and emit light at a much lower frequency than traditional lighting. As a result, NUVO-Glo lights appear dimly lit even though they are just as powerful as traditional lighting.


Q10: Can I control the glow in my pool?

A: You can completely control the system by installing fluorescent aggregates (not phosphorescent) in your pool. Fluorescent aggregates reflect light and will stop reflecting when the lights are turned off, completely shutting off the system. When phosphorescent aggregates are installed, the glow after the lights are turned off stays on and will slowly dissipate within a couple of hours.

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