Glow Mosaics

Over 100 designs to choose from

What are Glow in the Dark Mosaics​

Element Glo Glow in the Dark Mosaics are innovative, hand-made works of art that can be installed within many surfaces. By day, they provide a colorful contrast to the surface they are installed in and, by night, glow in the dark to seem as though they are floating.

The placement of Glow Mosaics in your pool is entirely up to you, and the application is stress-free for your pool company.

Mosaics are Built to Last

Glow Mosaics are versatile, durable, and long-lasting

Individually Hand-Made

Not produced by any machinery - thus making them truly unique works of art that add dimension to your application.

Water and Muriatic Acid Proof​

Built to sustain concrete and plaster applications, making them ideal for pools, spas, and walkways.

Available in various sizes

Mosaics are available in three to four varying sizes to provide a variety of compositional choices.

Designed for Continuity

Designed by professional artists to work alone or cohesively within a group of glow mosaics.

Glow Guarantee

Each mosaic is inspected and guaranteed to glow every night for the lifetime of the surface for which they are installed.

Shipped to You Securely

Each mosaic is secured to a mesh for efficient installation (similar to tile installation) and protected to ensure your mosaic(s) arrive safely.


Have us design your pool mosaics!
Installation INstructions For

Glow Mosaics in Your Pool

  • 1

    Step 1
    Adhere mosaic to the surface (wall or ground) using a high-bond adhesive (Thinset or similar) at least one day prior to final plaster or pebble finish. Note: Trim the mesh of the mosaic to size but do not remove it. The mesh keeps the mosaic together and makes installation much easier both in labor and time.​
  • 2

    Step 2
    Apply and trowel plaster or pebble surface as normal, but stay mindful as to not allow plaster to dry on the surface of the mosaic. As long as the plaster does not harden on the mosaic, it can easily be reveals with a simple water rinse or wet cloth.
  • 3

    Step 3
    While rinsing and applying and acid wash on the entire surface, there is no need to avoid the mosaic. Apply the acid wash and rinse naturally. Do not wipe the mosaic while acid is applied - only rinse the top.​
  • 4

    Step 4
    Enjoy for the life of the pool surface!​