Planning for a NUVO-Glo installation is EVERYTHING, but since the system is so new, homeowners rarely come across NUVO-Glo before their pools are starting to be built. So, by the time most homeowners contact us, we’re running against time.

Let’s step back a little and look at a few things to keep in mind about NUVO-Glo.

    1. NUVO-Glo is installed by your pool builder or resurfacing contractor. 
    2. NUVO-Glo requires conduit to be placed in the ground under your deck, just like traditional lighting. So, if you are resurfacing your pool but not replacing your deck, your pool company will likely put up a big red flag. 
    3. NUVO-Glo lighting is NOT a substitute for traditional or nicheless lights in pools. NUVO-Glo is a separate lighting system that will require a separate connection to a separate switch than regular lighting. To be clear, adding NUVO-Glo to your pool means that your builder will need to install two lighting systems in your pool.
    4. NUVO-Glo lights emit a low-frequency light that appears almost invisible to human eyes. The subtle light hue that our eyes can see is a very subtle blue hue.
    5. The sole purpose of the NUVO-Glo UV Lights is to light up and excite or recharge glow-in-the-dark and fluorescent aggregates and mosaics in your pool, turning your pool into a sea of stars. Again, even though NUVO-Glo lights are just as powerful as traditional lights, they do not emit light at a high enough frequency to be the only lighting system in your pool; they are UV lights.
    6. NUVO-Glo lighting will not serve a purpose in fiberglass or vinyl-lined pools, as aggregates and mosaics cannot be installed in these pools.


    So, in keeping the above in mind, let’s get into how to plan and have NUVO-Glo UV Lighting in your pool.

    The first step to planning for NUVO-Glo is to do what you’re doing now; learn more about the system. The more you know, the better.

    The second step is to give us a call to start the process. Your expectations of how this system performs are essential. We want you to understand the system as much as possible. This system is unique to pools and provides effects you will not see in your neighbor’s pool. NOTE: This is not a “sales” call, as we cannot sell you the lights. NUVO-Glo lighting can only be purchased by your pool company, as they will service your warranty, should any light need servicing.

    During our conversation, we will ask you some questions about your pool to see where in the process you are of building your new pool or resurfacing an existing pool. There IS a point where you can be too late to install the lighting but still be able to install aggregates and mosaics in your pool to get some glow. 

    Once we have discussed your pool, the third step is to learn more about your pool. To do this, we will either need the plans your pool company drew up for you or, if you have an existing pool, we will need pictures of your pool from all angles and some measurements. We will use your pictures to recreate your pool and determine where the placement of your NUVO-Glo lights will be within your pool. 

    The fourth step is to determine the placement of your NUVO-Glo lights. We will take your plans and illustrate where your lights will be placed (location and depth) and how the beams from the lights will perform in your pool. Our objective is to place as few lights as possible to get 95% to 100% beam coverage in your pool. Please note that 100% coverage may not be attainable in your pool, especially if you have a free-form pool.

    When we have your plans ready with our lights indicated, the fifth step is to discuss the installation of NUVO-Glo with your pool company. Since the system is new to the pool industry, your pool company is likely not going to be familiar with the system, and they’re going to need to learn more before they decide to install the system in your pool. Please keep in mind that your pool company has a process for completing your pool. Notifying them that you want to install another lighting system in your pool will likely disrupt the flow of the process and may cause delays. Some pool companies will do everything to install the lighting, and some will ultimately push back on installing the system. There are many reasons your pool company can say “no” to installing the system, with the majority of those reasons coming down to logistics and planning. Your pool may be too far along in the process to install the system. We will be able to determine this during the initial consultation in the second step.

    IMPORTANT: Since the system is new to the pool industry, pool companies can be leery of installing new products in their industry. Many products have been introduced to the pool industry that turned out to be duds. Pool companies tend to assume a new product “may” not perform as intended and attempt to talk you down on installing the system without finding out more information. If your pool company attempts to tell you a system like ours doesn’t work or gives you reasoning outside of the process, they do not know enough about NUVO-Glo to tell you it doesn’t work. If this is the case, we will be happy to talk to your pool company about the system’s performance to help set their expectations.

    Once we have spoken to your pool company and they have approved the installation, the sixth step is to receive a quote from your pool company. Their quote will be based on the cost of the lighting system, the cost of the aggregates and mosaics you are adding to your pool, the cost of materials required to install the system, and labor costs. 

    Once you approve the quote and have signed any addendums to your contract, your pool company will purchase the system and begin working with us to ensure the NUVO-Glo lighting and glow products are correctly in your pool. We will also check in with you periodically to give you any updates necessary.

    Timing is EVERYTHING

    The best time to plan for NUVO-Glo is when you’re seriously thinking about building a pool. Including the system in your plans at the start of the process, while your pool company is still drawing up plans, is best. Ultimately, if your pool company plans to install the system at the beginning of the process, they can include the system in your financing instead of having to pay for the system out of pocket down the road. Even though the system is affordable compared to other special effects like fiber optics, it can still be a sincere out-of-pocket expense if the decision to install the lighting is made later.

    When is it too late to install NUVO-Glo lighting?

    Once the concrete shell (aka gunite or shotcrete) has been poured into your pool, you’re likely too late. Pool companies can install the system after this point, but it will require some extra work that will delay the process, and they’re going to charge you for it.

    Once your deck is placed around the pool – you are officially too late, as your pool company will have to pull up the deck to place the PVC conduit and then replace your deck — it’s more than double the work.  

    In conclusion, if it’s too late to install NUVO-Glo lighting in your pool, you may still decide to add glow aggregates and mosaics to your pool and use traditional white lighting or external UV lighting to recharge the aggregates and mosaics. Element Glo glow-in-the-dark aggregates and mosaics are installed the final two to three days before your pool is filled with water.

    It all starts with a consultation with us

    Email or call 888-883-1308 to learn more about NUVO-Glo lighting and decide whether or not you’re able to install the system.