Now that you’ve seen the pictures and realized the possibility of having a starry night surface installed in your pool, or a pod of dolphins coming to life on the walls underwater, what are the next steps?

First Thing’s First

Let’s see if the conditions are right for the NUVO. Unfortunately, not everyone can install NUVO-Glo UV Lighting in their pool – sad, but true.

NUVO-Glo can only be installed in a brand new pool build or a resurfacing project that includes replacing your pool deck. The reason for this is that NUVO-Glo UV Lights require conduit to be placed in the ground around your pool. If you aren’t replacing the deck on an existing pool, your pool company will have to break through the current deck to place the conduit, which they are going to charge you to do.

The Second Thing to Consider is

What type of surface of your pool is going to have. Plaster, quartz, and any pebble surface are all surfaces that promote the adhesion of Element Glo aggregates and mosaics. 

Aggregates and mosaics are embedded in these surfaces so they don’t dislodge from the surface. Unfortunately, fiberglass and vinyl pools don’t have a method for adhering the aggregates and mosaics to the surface, so fiberglass and vinyl surfaces cannot have NUVO-Glo installed.

The Third Thing to Consider is

The timing of your pool project – “Timing is everything.” The best time to start inquiring about adding NUVO-Glo lighting and/or glow aggregates and mosaics is when you’re about to start calling pool companies to get everything started. However, 95% of the projects we see are started, and it comes down to how far along your project is. During your initial consultation, we’ll ask a few discovery questions to see how far along your project is and determine whether or not you can have NUVO-Glo Lighting installed. If you’re too far along, you can decide to install aggregates and mosaics without the lighting. We will discuss this option with you during your consultation.

Remember, it costs you nothing to call us and get the information you need to determine if the system is right for you.

The Fourth Thing to Consider is:

NUVO-Glo UV Lighting InstallationHow receptive your pool company is to installing the system. We’re all familiar with the saying “The customer is always right.” or “Whatever the customer wants, the customer gets.” Well, unfortunately, this doesn’t necessarily ring true in the pool industry. Even though the effects of NUVO-Glo combined with Element Glo Aggregates and Mosaics have been tested for almost three years, the system is still new to many pool builders. It is likely that your pool company has never heard of the system and they’re going to need to know more. Before they give the okay to install NUVO-Glo lighting, they’re going to want to get some information.

The main reason we get pushback from pool companies from time to time is the unfamiliarity of the system. There have been MANY products in the pool industry in the past that haven’t worked to expectations. Because of this, anytime new products enter the market, pool companies will have a “wait and see” perspective, meaning they will wait to see what other companies say. Of course, this perspective is completely valid, but admittedly, some companies use the fact that NUVO-Glo is new to the industry as an excuse to skip learning more about the system and not install the system in your pool.

To get the system installed, first, consult with us. We will talk with your pool builder about adding NUVO-Glo to your pool. Once a pool builder understands the process there is usually no other issue with installing the NUVO-Glo lighting system.

The Fifth Thing to Consider is

The cost to install the system, which your pool company will give you once they get more information from us regarding your pool. The important thing to keep in mind is the earlier you start the NUVO-Glo inquiry process, the less the system is going to cost you. If you are early enough to get the lighting, aggregates, and mosaics worked into the financing, you won’t have to pay out of pocket later.

With all things above considered, step number one is to call us. If you truly want our lighting system in your pool then we can go over your pool project, and get information prepared for your pool company. Once our proposal for your pool is complete you can share the plan with your pool builder and go from there.


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