10 Important Answers to Questions Homeowners Ask About NUVO-Glo UV Lighting

Jacuzzi with Element Glo Aggregates

NUVO-Glo UV Lighting is a system of lights installed in your pool by a licensed pool company. Therefore, installing the system involves education, planning, and coordination with your pool company. Unfortunately, the process is not as easy as deciding to install it, and everything falls into place. Please review this article. I’d like to include […]

How to Properly Plan for Installation of NUVO-Glo UV Lighting in Your Pool

Planning for a NUVO-Glo installation is EVERYTHING, but since the system is so new, homeowners rarely come across NUVO-Glo before their pools are starting to be built. So, by the time most homeowners contact us, we’re running against time. Let’s step back a little and look at a few things to keep in mind about […]

Five Things You Should Consider Before Installing NUVO-Glo in Your Pool

Now that you’ve seen the pictures and realized the possibility of having a starry night surface installed in your pool, or a pod of dolphins coming to life on the walls underwater, what are the next steps? First Thing’s First Let’s see if the conditions are right for the NUVO. Unfortunately, not everyone can install […]