How to Properly Plan for Installation of NUVO-Glo UV Lighting in Your Pool

Planning for a NUVO-Glo installation is EVERYTHING, but since the system is so new, homeowners rarely come across NUVO-Glo before their pools are starting to be built. So, by the time most homeowners contact us, we’re running against time. Let’s step back a little and look at a few things to keep in mind about […]

Five Things You Should Consider Before Installing NUVO-Glo in Your Pool

Now that you’ve seen the pictures and realized the possibility of having a starry night surface installed in your pool, or a pod of dolphins coming to life on the walls underwater, what are the next steps? First Thing’s First Let’s see if the conditions are right for the NUVO. Unfortunately, not everyone can install […]

DIY Glow in the Dark Concrete Special Effects on your Garage Floor

glow concrete

Instead of completely repairing the cracks in your driveway or garage floor, why not live on the wild side and make them glow? Create stunning concrete special effects on your garage floor that’ll win friends and influence people! One of our application contractors did just that for a 75-year-old woman who made the request. She […]

5 Helpful Glow Aggregate Broadcasting Tips for Pool Contractors

Broadcasting aggregates

Not a day goes by where we don’t get asked by contractors how our aggregates are applied to various pool surfaces. We love this question because it opens the doors to other conversations about various aggregate broadcasting tips and techniques that can be used to increase the design aesthetics of the pool.

How to Create a Starry Night Effect in Your Pool

As you probably know by now, Element Glo concrete aggregate crystals turn your new pool, or newly resurfaced pool, into a mesmerizing spectacle at night, making your pool the talk of the town. But, what about adding a little extra WOW on top of the WOW by creating the perfect nighttime glow effect in your […]