starry night effect

As you probably know by now, Element Glo concrete aggregate crystals turn your new pool, or newly resurfaced pool, into a mesmerizing spectacle at night, making your pool the talk of the town. But, what about adding a little extra WOW on top of the WOW by creating the perfect nighttime glo effect in your pool with our glow in the dark concrete aggregates?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a starry night effect in your pool:

Ordering your glow in the dark aggregate crystals

There are five things to consider when ordering the perfect mix of glow concrete aggregates to create the perfect starry night:

  • starry night effectWhat daytime color do you desire? Blue or white (clear)? – Blue daytime aggregate crystals will speckle your pool surface during the day, while our white aggregate crystals will make them appear invisible during the day.
  • What nighttime color do you desire? Aqua Blue (Turquoise), Glacier Blue (Sky), Sapphire (Deep Blue), or Firefly (Kryptonite)? The two nighttime colors that give the biggest wow factor, because of their glow intensity, are Aqua and Glacier. Sapphire is a beautiful color that adds a subtle effect, but we don’t recommend using it as a standalone color; it is better used in combination with Aqua or Glacier. Firefly should be used to create specific desired effect on the yellow/green side. Some pools are naturally green, and Firefly crystals are the perfect complement, but not for most pools.
  • What saturation of aggregate crystals would you like in your pool? Normal saturation is one pound of concrete glow aggregates per 40 square feet. If you would like more saturation and a starry effect that truly emulates the night sky of a 2 A.M. cloudless night, you may consider going with 1 pound of crystals per 20 to 30 square feet.
  • starry night effectHow much depth would you like? In other words, how vast do you want your stars to appear from the closest stars to the stars that appear more far away? You can choose one color to create your starry night effect, and all will be awesome. But, if you would like to add more to the effect, consider adding a couple of pounds of Sapphire Blue to your Aqua or Glacier Blue mix.
  • What size crystals do you need? To create the perfect glow in the dark starry night effect in your pool, you mix should be 20% large aggregate crystals (about the size of a pencil eraser), 40% medium aggregate crystals (about the size, and 40% small crystals. The large glow in the dark concrete aggregate crystals will emulate bright stars such as the North Star or some of the brighter planets in the night sky such as Mars or Uranus.

NOTE: For a spa, you need to adjust your mixture, as far as size goes, just slightly – 20% medium crystals, 40% small crystals, and 40% fine glow aggregate crystals.

Once you’ve decided on all of the above, all you need to do is apply your glow in the dark aggregates. (see below)

Application is easy

Here’s a step-by-step process for applying Element Glo Aggregate Crystals to your pool or spa:

  1. Simply sprinkle the crystals onto the surface of the final finish of wet concrete, using a fertilizer shaker or a large salt shaker. This technique is better than using your hand as you won’t be able to disperse them quite well.
  2. Next, trowel them into the final finish of your pool to permanently set them.
  3. Allow the pool finish to cure.
  4. Once the concrete cures, apply an acid wash to clean and expose the aggregate crystals to the sunlight.

NOTE: DO NOT mix the glow aggregate crystals in with the concrete! This will cause 90% of them to be buried beneath the surface, and their glow will not be visible.

Last, but not least

Once you’ve installed the concrete aggregate crystals into a pool, take a picture! We would love to spotlight your pool on our website and send some referrals your way.

Element Glo Aggregate Crystals are guaranteed safe, indestructible after installed, and will glow in the dark every night throughout the lifetime of the pool.