What is the life expectancy of our glow products?

They have a normal lifespan of the life of the pool, spa or project where they are installed.

What nighttime colors are available?

4 nighttime colors available at this time. FireFly (yellow/green). Aqua (blue/green). Glacier Blue (med blue) and Sapphire (dark blue).

What amount of aggregates do I need for average size pool?

We recommend 1 LB of glow concrete aggregates for every 40 to 50 square feet of pool/spa surface. We have pool builders that double this amount for their customers to achieve a very impressive saturated glow result.

What sizes are available on the glow aggregate crystals?

Our aggregates are sold in four various “mixes” that include a combination of sizes for your application. Larger applications such as swimming pools and walkways should use Mix 1 (a combination of large, medium, and small aggregates), and medium applications such as spas should go with Mix 2 (a combination of medium, small, and fine aggregates). For more information, please download our Buyer’s Guide. This guide contains information on the various mixes.

How do you install the glow aggregates on concrete?

Sprinkle the glow aggregates directly onto the final finish of wet concrete either by hand, hand fertilizer spreader or large salt shaker. After spreading, trowel them in and smooth out the surface. Then rinse with a light water spritz to remove the top, wet layer of cement. Then, allow the concrete to cure. After the concrete has cured, apply an acid wash to clean and expose the glow aggregate to the sunlight. A cement sealer is optional.

You can download our Buyer’s Guide for more details on installation.

How do you install mosaics or tiles to a project?

Place mosaic or tiles on desired location. Apply grout, plaster, or cement over and under mosaic or tiles to hold in place. After properly filling in grooves of mosaic or tiles with grout, plaster, or cement, clean surface with water and cloth. Allow the surface to cure before filling pool or spa with water.