How long, in hours, does the glow last every night?

In short, Element Glo aggregates glow all night long but there are suggestions that need to be considered to get the most out of your aggregates.

For proof of glow longevity, place the aggregates under any light inside your home or office for five minutes. Then place the aggregates in a room that will receive minimum light when the room lights are off such as a closet or bathroom. Return to the aggregates periodically over the next several hours and you will see that, although the glow decreases significantly, they are still glowing and will continue to noticeably glow up to 12 hours.

Important things to consider when determining glow longevity:

Element Glo aggregates can glow up to 12 hours, depending on four things:

  1. The nighttime color you purchase – each of our four nighttime colors have varying glow longevity night after night.
  2. The ambient light that hits the aggregates – lighted walkways, fire pits, moonlight, sun, house lights, street lights, all affect the visibility and brightness of the glow. The less ambient light, the more noticeable the glow.
  3. Proper installation – when installed correctly, aggregates should be visible. If they are buried below the surface, they will not be exposed to light and will not glow.
  4. Proper charging or excitation – As with all things “glow in the dark,” to get the most out of Element Glo products, charging the aggregates when the glow starts to dim is optimal.

Glow aggregates will glow with 100% brightness when exposed to UV light. Once you turn off the charging light, the glow starts to dissipate immediately. Over the next hour, the glow will settle at a consistent level (glow brightness) for several hours.