How to Order Glow Aggregates

Ordering Element Glo glow in the dark aggregates is an easy process, but depending on your application, you may need some help deciding which aggregates are the best for your specific job. This guide will give you a step-by-step process to help you order the aggregates that will give you the best results.

Let’s break the ordering process down to five simple decisions:

Your Application

Your Mix

Your Area

Your Daytime Color

Your Nighttime Glow

Your Application

Element Glo Aggregates can be installed into concrete, pool plaster, table tops, epoxy finishes and so much more. Truly, the sky is the limit. It is important to note that the size of your application influences the “Mix” of aggregates you should order.

Here is a list of applications you may want to consider:

Larger Applications

Concrete Flooring
Pool Decks
Stucco Walls

Medium Applications

Barbecue Countertops

Smaller Applications

Concrete Countertops
Concrete Pavers

Your Mix

Once you have determined your application, it’s easy to determine the Mix of aggregates are most preferred for your application.

The following Mix choices should make your decision much easier:

Mix 1
Larger Applications

Contains a preferred mix of:
20% Large
40% Medium
40% Small Aggregates

Mix 2
Medium & Smaller

Contains a preferred mix of:
20% Medium
40% Small
40% Fine Aggregates

Mix 3
Clear Coating Mix

Contains a preferred mix of:
20% Small
40% Fine
40% Extra Fine Aggregates

Ultra-Fine Mix
Overall Glow Applications

Contains a preferred mix of:
50% Extra Fine
50% Ultra Fine Aggregates