How you apply Element Glo Aggregate Crystals to your pool or walkway is extremely important to get the most out of your investment and truly generate that amazing “WOW” effect you were looking for when you purchased them. However, there are ways to mess things up if you’re not real careful when you apply your glow crystals.

Here are six common ways to mess up your application of glow concrete aggregate crystals:


1. Never mix Element Glo Aggregate Crystals into gunite

Doing this will cause over 90% of your aggregates to settle below the surface, and they won’t be visible in your final pool or walkway finish. Always spread the aggregates on top after your pool finish is applied.

Glow crystals2. Spreading Element Glo Aggregates by hand

Doing this will inadvertently cause some crystals to bunch up in various areas, creating a less desired effect. Even distribution of the glow crystals is paramount, so your eye is not diverted to more heavily saturated surface area due to hand spreading. Depending on the area of the application it is always better to use a crank fertilizer or salt shaker for better distribution. If you are creating cement stepping stones, you may spread using your hands; we recommend practicing before applying to the finished stones.

NOTE: Some contractors have applied Element Glo concrete aggregate crystals for many years and have mastered hand-spreading. If you have to spread over a large area, use a fertilizer spreader.

3. Forgetting to mask your application area

Element Glo Aggregate Crystals REALLY glow. During the day you will not be able to see crystals that may have missed your area or bounced into surrounding areas. At night when you come back to the area, you may have a surrounding glow of tiny crystals, which can take quite a while to clean up, especially if they landed in your grass. Be sure to mask your out area with 4’ x 4’ overlapping cut pieces of drop cloth so you can capture over disbursement and avoid waste.

4. Using the wrong size aggregates

Using crystals of the same size will not give you a variance of glow brightness. To simulate a nighttime starry sky, it is best to use crystals of different sizes to simulate the distance of stars. Some large aggregate crystals are more like glow stones and should only be used in larger areas such as your pool. For smaller areas of distribution, walkways, spas or tabletops, use small, fine or very fine glow crystals. Remember: As indicated in #2 above, use a commercial salt and pepper shaker to control dispersion of crystals more evenly.

5. Applying crystals at the wrong time

Always apply your Element Glo aggregate crystals to your final pool finish and then “lightly” trowel the crystals in. Once your pool finish is cured, use an acid wash to clean the surface and reveal the glow crystals.

6. No communication with your contractor

If you are using a contractor to apply your crystals, please remember to refer them to us to discuss the proper application. Element Glo concrete aggregate crystals are not hard to apply, but we’ve seen contractors make some of these errors; communicating with us before starting the project can eliminate a lot of waste and hassles.

Please let us know if you have any questions on how to implement Element Glo aggregate crystals to your home project. We are staffed with artists who can give friendly and informative advice on how to apply the crystals to virtually any project to get the best results.

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