In April we will be introducing our new glow mosaics, which will take your new pool or pool resurfacing to a new level. Element Glo Mosaics are articulate designs that install into the final finish of your pool surface. They are colorful by day and glow throughout the night. Choose smaller mosaics when you want to highlight a certain area of your pool such as your walk-in steps or spa, or choose large mosaics to create your own seascape on your underwater pool surface. You can also choose to combine them with Element Glo Crystals to enhance the glow of your pool surface.

Here are five great things to know about Element Glo Mosaics:

1. Element Glo Mosaics are shipped to you adhered to a fiberglass mesh for easy installation.

Glow Mosaics - CrabDespite the glow mosaics being separated into many parts, there is no need for your pool contractor to put together large puzzle pieces; they are shipped to you in the right formation to save time and energy. Your pool contractor or your friends here at Element Glo can work with you on positioning before applying your final pool finish.

2. Glow Mosaics may be customized just for you.

Our award-winning staff can design your idea. If you don’t see a design on our website that catches your interest, we can customize your mosaic(s) for you in color, size and shape. No mosaic is out of our realm of creativity. Love a certain sports team, theme or band? Contact us! What Cowboy fan doesn’t love a big blue star?

Glow Mosaics - Crab

3. They glow in the dark for a loooooooong time.

During the day your mosaics appear colorful as they charge from the UV light of the sun. At night, you can expect your glow mosaic pool tiles to glow all hours of the night, never completely fading before the sun comes up.

4. The seamlessly blend with your final pool finish.

Don’t worry about the glow in the dark mosaics and whether or not they’ll scratch your feet, or worse yet, your child’s feet. Element Glo Mosaics contain rounded edges and blend smoothly with your pool surface.

5. They vary in size to accommodate the size of your pool.

Need a fever of glowing stingrays that stretch across your pool with smaller and larger stingrays to simulate their depth? Not a problem. Our artists will work with you to get that perfect design. Glow in the dark mosaics start as small as 7 inches across but we can custom-size your glow mosaic to whatever size you feel appropriate for your pool.

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