For many contractors, our glow in the dark aggregates are an exciting and innovative concept. They allow you to offer something totally different and unique to your customers. As excited as you are about the glow aggregates and the profit potential they present, your customers will be too.

However, what we’ve found is that nothing beats seeing the glow of the aggregates firsthand. Online images of them glowing in the dark, photos of them installed in a swimming pool, a concrete countertop, a walkway, a floor, or even talking points about how beautiful the aggregates are, none of that compares to seeing their glow in person. The aggregates really do sell themselves.

Another point of concern that we’ve heard from contractors is, having never worked with our aggregates before they’re just not sure how to install them. “I don’t want to install them on a customer’s bbq countertop, do it incorrectly by mistake, and have that customer upset with me because they do not see the glow they expected. Then, I’d have to rip the whole thing out and do it all over again. There goes all my profit on that job, right down the drain,” said one Contractor.

Introducing our NEW Test and Development Special Offer

For new contractors looking to carry our glow aggregates, you can now buy 1 pound and get a 2nd pound absolutely FREE! This allows you to accomplish a couple of things:

Experimenting with @elementgloco aggregates. #concrete #glow #crisp

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Become a Glow Aggregates Expert

As mentioned by the Contractor listed above, it’s better if you don’t experiment with new products on the client’s dime. This Special allows you to purchase up to two pounds of glow aggregates for the price of one pound, bring them into your shop, work with them, and run some tests on your own. Once you feel comfortable with how to install them, then you’ll feel confident talking about them to potential customers. Then, when you sell a job which includes the aggregates, you’ll feel confident that you know what you’re doing now that you’ve got some experience working with them.

Show them off!

This offer also allows you to create samples to show your customers. Instead of simply showing them pictures of previous installations using the aggregates (which is, of course, a great idea), now you’ll also be able to let them see how they look in a sample swatch of concrete. Let the aggregates do all the work. Once people see the glow, you’ll find here them say, “Oh wow! These are amazing!” – Happens all the time.

So take advantage of this special offer, become an expert in our glow in the dark aggregates, make some samples, and show them off! Show every single client the sample you create so they can see them glow for themselves. That’s how you maximum every opportunity and add to your bottom line!

2 for 1 glow aggregate special Element Glo