It’s the most common question we get asked so I thought I’d take a moment to expand on this. Hopefully, this short article will give you an idea of the quantity of Element Glo concrete aggregates you should order for your project.

Element Glo Crystals

1:20 Glow Crystal Saturation

Measure Your Area

The first thing you should do is measure the area you would like to enhance with your Element Glo aggregates crystals. The most common coverage with efficient crystal glow is 1 pound of concrete aggregates per 40 square feet of surface. This ratio will give you an amazing effect, which is very pleasing to the eye in a casual sense; a great ratio for a subtly lighted walkway or effects in a pool. Take a look at the image over to the right and you can see a 7” concrete square sample of what 1:50, 1:40, 1:30, and 1:20 look like. You can see that 1:20 has pretty much a “blow you away” effect and may be a little overkill depending on your project. It’s totally up to you, though. We say the more Element Glo crystals, the merrier.

Element Glo Crystals 1:30 Saturation

1:30 Glow Crystal Saturation

What Colors?

The next thing you need to determine is the color. Our most common colors are Aqua Blue and Glacier Blue. Both emit a very bright glow that lasts throughout the night. Sapphire is an excellent accent color to give your effect some dimension but will not show up as bright as Glacier Blue, FireFly or Aqua due to the darker blue color they transmit. We recommend mixing Sapphire with the other two colors for a spectacular starry sky effect. If you are just looking to light up a walkway then maybe you just go with one color.

Element Glo Crystals 1:40 Saturation

1:40 Glow Crystal Saturation

What Size?

The last thing you need to decide on is the size of the glow aggregate crystals. Our large Element Glo crystals are absolutely brilliant (no pun intended) but we recommend that you use a smaller amount than the other sizes crystals; 20% large size, 40% medium size and 40% small size in your pool area. In a spa or smaller areas, medium, small and fine will do in equal amounts. We recommend that you work with varying sized aggregate crystals from fine to medium for the best effect.

Element Glo Crystals 1:50 Saturation

1:50 Glow Crystal Saturation

We hope this helps you on deciding what to order for your pool, walkway, or project. When all else fails, order a sample and see the crystals for yourself. When you get the sample, put the aggregate crystals out in the sun and see how long they glow into the night. You may also try spreading them out on some dry concrete and then return back at night to see what effect you get.

Remember, when you order a sample kit, we refund you the price of the sample (minus shipping) when you place your first order with us.

NOTE: The samples to the right are small and fine crystals with a combination of Sapphire and Glacier Blue nighttime glow crystals.