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Apply for our Contractor Referral Program (CRP) to receive a FREE Sample of our glow aggregates!

Every day we are contacted by end users such as homeowners and business owners that are looking to have our glow aggregates installed in their concrete, plaster (pool), or flooring projects. We want to refer them to you! 

Signing up for our Contractor Referral Program means you are signing up for the most comprehensive lead-generating program for your business ever created. The program is chock-full of benefits all designed to help your business generate more leads and clients.

When you qualify for our CRP you receive:

  • Quantity discounts
  • Customer Referrals from Element Glo
  • Sales Enablement Tools
  • Incentive Promotions
  • Access to a Community Forum
  • Expert Marketing Advice
  • White Labeled Promotional Material
  • Preferred Contractor Referrals
  • Access to Promotional Materials at Cost
  • Product Training
  • Inventory-free Advantages
  • and so much more.

IMPORTANT: The Contractor Referral Program is comprehensive and specifically designed to implement a partnership between your company and Element Glo. Please do not fill out the form to the right or request samples if you are not willing meet with us for approximately 30 minutes to introduce you to this beneficial program and explore how we can help you generate more business.

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